It’s About Your Story, Not Your Number

Financial and retirement planning have historically focused on amounts and accounts.

That Magic Date. The Time When Finances are Ideal. Your Next Big Purchase. The Number.

Historically financial advisors have served clients by asking them to imagine what their preferences and needs might be years and even decades in the future. Then they have reversed-engineered an investment and savings number to help their clients meet the cost of what the client today thinks they might want sometime far in the future. There is nothing wrong with this approach. We just happen to think it’s incomplete.

Life-centered financial planning is different. Our dedication to helping clients work towards their goals and dreams hasn’t changed, but the process has – it helps you see money and life through the unique lens of your history, values, motivations, and priorities. It’s fluid, inspiring, and it helps you pursue the best life possible with the money you have.

Don’t get us wrong – numbers are important. But they must be interpreted and applied to financial, investment, estate, philanthropy, and insurance planning in light of your own unique experiences.

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