The Life-Centered Planning Experience

As you focus on increasing your level of financial satisfaction and success, it is important to understand your history, values, motivations, and priorities. These things provide the framework for making choices with greater purpose, less guilt, and more confidence.

This is life-centered planning. It’s not a one-time decision or event – it’s an ongoing process that adjusts to the continuous unfolding of your life.

To start, we ask these fundamental questions:

Where are you now with your financial plans?

Are you using your money to improve your life within the ten dimensions of wellness?

Where have you been?

Defining moments in your past shape your financial decisions today.

Where are you going?

Are you financially prepared for life’s big transitions?

What happens when you decide to work with us?

There are two phases in the life-centered planning process – induction and collaboration. To begin, as a prospective client, we will guide you through a series of three meetings.


Fit Meeting

Are we a good fit for working together? Let’s meet and decide.

Discovery Meeting

In this session, we uncover Where have you been? Where are you going? What resources can you draw upon?

Collaborative Meeting

What are your next best steps? We will create a plan, together.

After we have laid out a plan to pursue the best life possible with the money you have now, we meet several times per year to assess your journey and make necessary updates or changes.
These meetings include:


Transition Planning Update

We will update your timeline, preparing you for and guiding you through your life’s big transitions.

Asset Planning Update

We will review your assets and their role in your overall financial plan.

Legacy & Security Review

We will discuss your future needs, wants, and wishes and evaluate how to protect and foster them.

Complete Cost Transparency

We want you to have a clear understanding of the cost of our services from the start. We will identify and disclose all expenses associated with our process and recommendations. For the services listed above, we charge an annual fee. This fee can be a flat planning fee, a percentage-based investment management fee, or a combination of the two.

Use the money you have to improve your life today and tomorrow.

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