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Synchrony Bank’s Money Matters Blog

February 7, 2023
Key Money Questions to Ask Your Partner at Every Stage of a Relationship – Chris Warren
In this article from Synchrony Bank’s Money Matters blog, Paul Peeler discusses why money is the number one thing couples argue about and how to proceed with caution: “So much of who we are is intertwined in the concept of money. Money is never just money and fights about money are rarely just fights about money.”


February 22, 2023
Making Hard Financial Decisions When Teens Have a Mental Health Crisis  – Jane Wollman Rusoff
Paul Peeler was profiled in this article from ThinkAdvisor, sharing his story on why he started The Preparedness Project and discussing financial planning challenges faced by parents and caregivers of young adults that are unexpectedly diagnosed with late-onset serious mental illness (SMI).

January 9, 2023
The Most-Revealing Onboarding Questions Advisors Ask – John Kador
Paul Peeler was featured in this Wealth Management magazine article spotlighting financial advisors sharing the most revealing questions they ask clients. Paul shares a couple’s response to his question: “How do you feel about the level of money you have in savings?”


January 4, 2023
What to consider before investing in a certain company – Ivana Pino
Paul Peeler discusses what investors should consider before buying any stock, including investing in young companies, not tying up all your money in one stock, the percentage of stocks in your portfolio, the time frame and tolerance for volatility, and more.


December 19, 2022
There’s no simple approach to complex products – Mark Schoeff Jr.
Financial Advisor Paul Peeler was quoted in InvestmentNews on complex investment products: “While many financial advisors are turning to complex products to help clients navigate volatile markets and rising interest rates, I have gravitated toward using investments that can be explained in four sentences or less. More often, I lean toward the most simple and less costly way to meet client needs.”


December 8, 2022
Here’s the No. 1 Factor Contributing to Millennials’ Wealth – Gabrielle Olya
Paul Peeler shares why he thinks real estate and home equity are good investments for millennials. In addition, he shares his other topic pick for millennials looking to build wealth: “If you are wired to be a business owner, that route is hands down the best way to build personal wealth.”


November 17, 2022
Is Owning a Home a Financial Necessity or a Lifestyle Choice? – Gabrielle Olya
Financial Advisor Paul Peeler says that buying a home can be a good investment, but only if you are looking for benefits that go beyond the financial.


November 17, 2022
Is Owning a Home a Financial Necessity or a Lifestyle Choice? – Gabrielle Olya
Paul Peeler shares thoughts on whether owning a home is a financial necessity or a lifestyle choice, saying that although it can be a valuable long-term wealth-building tool, it shouldn’t be your main motivation for purchasing a home.

Wealth Solutions Report

October 25, 2022
Financial Planning For Serious Mental Illness – Julius Buchanan

Paul Peeler was profiled and interviewed by the Wealth Solutions Report, sharing details on The Preparedness Project, how planning for SMI caregivers differs from traditional financial planning, common issues that parents and caregivers encounter, and recommended resources.


October 20, 2022
Seven Planning Challenges for Caregivers – Paul Peeler

Paul Peeler wrote this article for TheStreet’s ‘Retirement Daily‘ section on financial planning challenges that SMI caregivers face. In addition to challenges, Paul shares actionable steps on what caregivers can do now to prepare for the future and position themselves for a secure retirement.


September 29, 2022
Experts: How to Find the Perfect Place to Retire – Gabrielle Olya
Financial Advisor Paul Peeler shares how retirees and pre-retirees can find the perfect place to retire and explains why it’s important to look at all levels of taxation when choosing which state to move to and retire in.

Yahoo! Finance

September 29, 2022
How to Find the Perfect Place to Retire – Gabrielle Olya
Paul Peeler explains why you shouldn’t automatically assume that a state without an income tax is going to have a lower overall tax burden when deciding where to retire.


August 22, 2022
Financial Advisors Share the Best Financial Lessons They Gave Their Clients – Gabrielle Olya
Financial Advisor Paul Peeler shares the best financial lesson he’s given a client and how it’s been helpful: don’t worry about market swings and short-term volatility.

Yahoo! Finance

August 22, 2022
Financial Advisors Share the Best Financial Lessons They Gave Their Clients – Gabrielle Olya
Paul Peeler discusses how he has educated his clients about the volatility of the financial markets and why it shouldn’t be a cause for concern, as well as the value of long-term investing.